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Best Ways to Speed Up WordPress Site in 2021

Easy Ways to Speed Up WordPress Website

Creating a WordPress Site is an easy job, but optimizing your website for high speed is difficult for beginners.

Improving & Speed up WordPress Website Loading time & Speeding your WordPress website performance is essential for building an authoritative WordPress Site in 2020.

If your WordPress website speed is slow or more time taking to load pages, it will Speed up WordPress site & reduce your visitor’s loss & drops your ranking on Search Engines ex: GoogleBing, or DuckDuckGo, etc.

Generally, users love to visit or browse a website with good page loading speed & having better content.

For solving this problem, there are various techniques, plugins & tools used by bloggers & marketers to get excellent performance for their websites.

By using this technique, you will get detailed insights & suggestions to improve your site loading time!

These are some essential tips to Speed Up WordPress site 2020:

How to Speed Up WordPress Website in 2020 :

1. Choose a Best Web Hosting Providers for Your Site :

Best Ways to Speed Up WordPress Site in 2021 1

This is the most important & essential step for the optimization of WordPress, which influences the speed of your site is a hosting provider, which you select for your WordPress.

Spending some extra money on Hosting is costly, but it will benefit you in speeding up your WordPress Site.

Shared Web Hosting gives you better performance, but it does not provide good results because the main reason is that you are sharing hosting space with other websites on the same server.

However, if you are using a hosting & already running a website, these upcoming techniques will also help you.

Nowadays, Web Hosting provider advanced cloud hosting option to their customers.

Cloud Hosting is costly than shared Hosting, but if you update your hosting plan to cloud hosting plan, it will speed up WordPress website performance without migrating or shifting your site to a new hosting provider which a problematic & time taking process which can break your active WordPress site & you will lose you daily earning.

2. Choose a Fast Loading, AdSense & SEO friendly themes :

Best Ways to Speed Up WordPress Site in 2021 2

The best advantage of using WordPress CMS for your Website is WordPress Themes.

WordPress Offers various light, simple & AdSense friendly themes some of theme are free & also comes with PRO version.

Using WordPress Themes with lots of elements, sliders, large images & widgets is good for appearance but not suitable for Page Speed. Choose a balanced theme having decent design & important widgets, but it will not increase your site loading time.

Recently, WordPress has released a new version which WordPress 5.0, which some new upgrades & WordPress Twenty Nineteen Theme as well as bugs. I will not prefer you to update your Wordpress for some time.

Best WordPress Themes website, which provides free & paid themes are ex:  MythemeShop, Themesle & justfreethemes, etc.

3. Choose a Best Wordpress Cache Plugins:

Best Ways Speed up WordPress Site 2019 | DigiSpaze

Installing useful WordPress cache plugins is an essential step in WordPress optimization.

After Activating this plugin, it will create a cached version of your website, pages, content & improve site speed in one click!

This plugin will MInify HTML, CSS & Javascript of your website.

These are some Best WordPress Cache Plugins 2020.

Tip: I will prefer SWIFT Performance Cache Plugins for Wordpress.

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4. Choose Image Optimizer & Compressor:

Best Ways to Speed Up WordPress Site in 2021 3

Image & Media consumes large space in your Wordpress Site & it will increase the page size.

And a significant factor for slow down the speed of your website & the main reason for maximizing a page load time for most of the sites.

These are some WordPress Image Optimizer Plugins you should try out:

Best WordPress Image Optimizer plugins 2020

Other Free Image Compressor Websites are :

1. TinyPNG or TinyJPG 
2. iloveIMG.
3. Resizeimage.org

5. Choose a CDN for WordPress Site.

Best Ways to Speed Up WordPress Site in 2021 4

CDN provides Better Loading Time & protect your site from hackers & malware attacks.

CDN helps by saving static pages of websites in different cloud servers all over the world & deliver website according to users location & reducing server’s response time.

Best CDN Services for WordPress 2020:

Tip: I will prefer Cloudflare because they provide a Free Plan as well as Paid Plan & offers great services to their users.

6. Remove Unnecessary Plugins & Add-ons.

A first step to remove or deactivate unnecessary or irrelevant plugins from your websites to increase your website speed.

Avoid all those plugins that load a lot of scripts and styles. Because plugins are used to enhance your website’s functionality but it is also important to use those plugin which is suitable and compatible with your website.

7. Optimize Your WordPress Database.

Best ways to speed up Wordpress Site in 2019

WordPress Database Optimizer helps you cleaning junk & harmful files from your server, which are left by different Wordpress plugins.

Installing various plugins creates different files & folders in your database, but when you uninstall these plugins, some files & folders are leftover by these plugins.

Database Optimization is essential for your site on a daily or weekly basis.

Tip: WP-Optimize is a free database optimizer plugin for WordPress.

WP-Optimize is a useful tool for automatically cleaning your WordPress database.

Wp-Optimize provides great extra features in the Pro version.

8. Free Tools for WordPress Optimization:

Best Ways to Speed Up WordPress Site in 2021 5

Track your Performance with these tools & get detailed insights into your websites.
Get Suggestion for Optimization from these tools & fix these problems which appear in their results.

Better Optimization leads to Great SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Score of your website.

These are some free tools :

9. Use AMP Plugins for WordPress :

Best ways to speed up Wordpress Site in 2019

AMP is an open-source project started by Google that provides faster results to smartphone users.

Get Quick Loading Pages for Mobile Users of your website.

Implementing Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP with WordPress provides fast page loading & great results.

Using AMP plugins gives your website fantastic speed, faster loading time.

 Setup AMP for WordPress in Click.

Try this plugin a get the best SEO results & Higher Google Ranking.

Tip: AMP for WP is a Best AMP Plugins for a WordPress site.

How can I speed up my WordPress site?
Speed Up WordPress Website

1. Choose a Best Web Hosting Providers for Your Site.
2. Choose a Fast Loading, AdSense & SEO friendly themes.
3. Choose a Best WordPress Cache Plugins.
4. Choose Image Optimizer & Compressor.
5. Choose a CDN for WordPress Site.
6. Remove Unnecessary Plugins & Add-ons.
7. Optimize Your WordPress Database.
8. Free Tools for WordPress Optimization.
9. Use AMP Plugins for WordPress :

What is the best CDN for WordPress?
Best Ways to Speed Up WordPress Site in 2021 6

1. CloudFlare.
2. MaxCDN.
3. Amazon’s AWS.
4. KeyCDN.
5. StackPath CDN

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