Best Wordpress Security Plugins

Best WordPress Security Plugins 2020 to Protect Your Site !

How to Secure Your WordPress Website in 2021

WordPress is a creative platform for creating an excellent site for your business or personal blogs. But many people are missing essential step which is securing it from hackers or bad guys.

These are some Best WordPress Security Plugins helps to secure your WordPress websites.

Wordpress is a great CMS ( Content Management System ) for your site but have some major issue & loopholes related to security & safety.

With Tremendous Growth of Internet & Websites increasing a chance of Cyber Attacks, DDoS attacks & spamming, etc.

Hackers can quickly tracks & login to your site, which is not a difficult task for them.

These are some top Wordpress security plugins 2021 for free & Lockout the Bad Guys.

Please use genuine themes & plugins from safe sources or websites like Themeforest, Elegant themes & Justfreethemes etc. If you are using a Cracked or Nulled Wordpress Themes & Plugins your taken more risk & which helps bad guys to harm your site very easily.

Thankfully, Wordpress Offers Great & Effective Security Plugins to protect a site from hackers.

Keep your site secure & safe by using these Free as well as Pro Wordpress Security Plugins in 2021.

Features of WordPress Security Plugins :

1.File Scanning.


3.Malware Scanning.

4.Brute Force Attack Protection.

5.Blacklist IP.

6.Two-factor Authentication.

7.Country Blocking & Much More.

Best WordPress Security Plugins Compared (2021)

Wordfence Security Plugin

Wordfence was Best & Most Popular Wordpress Security Plugins in 2019.

Wordfence Plugin was having a rating of 4.8+ on & active installation over 2+ Million.

This plugin provides ultimate protection for your website.

Get the best security for your WordPress website for free!

It powers more than 25% of all the websites that are present on the internet.

Wordfence has a huge demand and popularity make it a popular & protect from malicious attack, hacking, etc. they offer many useful features like – regular backup, using a secure password, scanning for malware, monitoring your website.

Highlighted Features:

1. Free Site Scan.
2. Advanced Firewall Setting.
3. Live traffic.
4. Instant Notifications.
5. Prevent DDoS Attacks.
6. Country Blocker.
7. Two-factor authentication.

  • iThemes
WordPress Security Plugin iThemes Security Pro

iThemes Security Plugins (known as Better WP Security) is the best plugin for securing your WordPress sites & having a 4.5+ rating on

It provides adequate protection & 30+ features that help ensure the safety of your blog or e-commerce stores.

iThemes Plugins aims to fix recognizing plugin vulnerabilities, obsolete software, and weak passwords. It comes with both Free & Pro Version offers useful features.

If you are not using Wordfence, then you will surely install iThemes Security.

Features of iThemes Security:

1.Website Scanner.
2.Malware Scanning.
3.WordPress Brute Force Protection
4.File change detection.
5. Hide Login or Admin page.
6. Away Mode.

  • Jetpack
Jetpack WordPress Security Plugins

Jetpack is a plugin suite that combines essential WordPress features into one extensive plugin. It allows you to turn on that feature which you want to use, or you can turn off that feature which you don’t want to use.

Jetpack WordPress plugin created by Automattic.

Jetpack Plugin for WordPress provides you with many of the most powerful features available on to self-hosted WordPress sites and contributing significantly to the improvement of WordPress powered blogs and websites.


1. Keep your website safe and spam free
2. Provides better performance to your site ( using advance CDN )
3. Easily monitor your site stats
4. Site backup
5. Theme customization
6. Convenient WordPress widget
7. Customizable social sharing button
8. Better ads management.

Sucuri Website Security CDN DDoS Protection 2019

Sucuri Security Plugin is an Effective & Complete WordPress Security plugin having a 4.5 rating & active installation 400000+.

This Plugin is not popular like Wordfence or iThemes but will work best for your site.

It focuses on Website Auditing, Malware Scanning, Hardening Website Security & File Integrity Monitoring, etc.

Sucuri Plugin for Wordpress is developing & evolving, providing safety to its users & easy to deploy or customizable.

Offers three different premium plans for Basic, Professional & Business Websites according to their requirements.

Highlighted Features:

1.Remote Malware Scanning.
2.Post-Hack Security Actions.
3.Security Activity Auditing.
4.File Integrity Monitoring
5.Effective Security Hardening.
6.Blacklist Monitoring.
7.Website Firewall.
8.Security Notifications.

Really Simple SSL Wordpress Security Plugin

Really Simple SSL is a security plugin for WordPress that helps in powering HTTP sites to HTTPS websites.

Get a Green Secured Lock on your Wordpress Site in 2021.

After, the new Google Algorithm Updates SSL certificate is an essential ranking factor on a search engine.

Really Simple SSL automatically detects your settings and configures your website to run over https.

To keep it lightweight, the options are kept to a minimum level.

How to Setup?

1.. Get a Free SSL certificate.
2. Activate this plugin
3. Enable SSL with one click

Get Free SSL Here: SSLforfree

Features :

1. Hassle Free installation.
2. Scanning feature is available to check for error.
3. Responsive Email Support( Premium support)
4. Available Option to enable HTTP Strict Transport Security.

  • All In One WP Security & Firewall
All In One WP Security Plugin

All In One WP Security & Firewall is Easy, Stable & Free Feature-packed Wordpress Security Plugin in 2020.

Having 700000+ Active Installation & 4.1+ rating by Wordpress users.

This excellent WordPress security plugin to secure your website.

Install this plugin & give a try to see if you like this plugin or not.


You should use Wordfence or iThemes Security Plugin & combine with Cloudflare Free SSL Plan, which will give the best result at minimum cost if you are a young blogger or digital marketer.

Wordpress Security Important or Not?

Protecting & Securing your WordPress website should be your top priority while creating your sites & want to invest your time, money, or efforts creating great content or earning online from the internet. You should start using these Top Wordpress Security Plugin.

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